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Our Objectives

Information Center Panama 3000 (CIP 3000) was established to analyze and spread information about the Panama Canal widening project, building a third set of locks, and about political and economic issues dealing with Panama in a Latinamerican and worldwide context.

Side view of the Panama Canal.  Source: ACP.

In other sections of this site, we demostrate, using official data, that Proposal to widen the Panama Canal, building a new set of locks, at a cost of between 7 and 8 billion dollars, is not positive for Panama, and that it would be better for the country to invest the Canal's profits to foster a multi-sector development strategy, with social content and respect towards the environment. 

A central purpose of CIP 3000 is to create conscience around this issue, which is to be decided at the October referendum to be held in Panama City in year 2006.

CIP 3000 publishes Spanish language bulletin INFOFAX, to which you may subscribe at no cost by sending a fax to 507-231-8387 or sending us an e-mail.

CIP 3000 director is Roberto N. Méndez, economics professor at the University of Panama.

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